Video Projects

    We execute video recordings of any kind of cultural or sporting events, corporate meetings, seminars or conferences. Recorded material can be realized in the form of reportage of the event or interview with the invited guests. We provide all source materials for further processing by the customer.
    The video implementation includes: a recording of footage, depending on the contract using two or more cameras, a separate audio track implementation of standards-film recording, postproduction of film material (adding pictures, charts, signatures) and convert to any format. Archiving of material on any medium. On request, we move the copyright and property for ordering.


live streaming

    We offer simple, flexible and effective solution to place live video stream on the website. Broadcast live events gives you the ability to reach viewers across the world in real time.
    Available to the customer is a team composed of cameramen, sound man, the lighting, the executor and administrator of the stream. We use our own servers, streaming and live broadcasts can be broadcast in high definition according to customer requirements. We also broadcast with limited access users - paid broadcasts and via access code for the selected viewers. This is useful in situations of paid training transmission or internal company meetings.
    We offer a hosting service and distribution of video recorded at the event as both a widely available material and with restricted access.



    Short and long forms of video advertising that meet the criteria of recommendation product, service or event. Each stage of the advertising film production is carried out with the appropriate care and professionalism characterized by individual approach and understanding of the specifics of the client.
    We offer standard productions that in thirty seconds include the right motivation to purchase a product or service, set in deep in the minds of consumers and build brand as the best way of promoting your business. On reaching a wide audience or potential customers is no easy task, because video advertising shown in TV, online, or on the advertising screens have to fulfill its task of creative draw maximum attention to the visualization product or service.



    Webinars and video conferencing can be transmitted in real time to any number of participants on-line, both in the form of an open - free of charge, as well as limited - paid or the access code.
    Online training services in the form of paid access to audio, video and e-books enable the transfer of knowledge by means of streaming content sharing. The integrated payment system allows for immediate implementation playback of purchased materials. This training system allows for automatic generation of course completion certificates after completing the required amount of material. It is also possible access to free trailers, user reviews, promotional and informational videos. The security features dissemination of materials purchased to other users protect copyrights.
    We offer the opportunity to fully realize its training materials in the form of video, audio or create an e-book as well as accept ready-made materials for display on the website.